Albert Meier
`I am playing my new B.i.G. RP01 clubs for a couple of days now and the difference to my previous regular clubs is huge. I am deeply impressed by the length, the consistency and the feeling of the new clubs.
With my new clubs I am able to aim for new challenges.
Thank you for the great assistance from the whole team.`
Armin Scholz
`My driving length increased by 10 to 15 metres since I am using B.i.G. clubs. Furthermore my accuracy has improved a lot.
I can highly recommend these perfect clubs.`
Lucas Kamps
`My new clubs arrived a couple of days ago. It is just incredible: From the beginning on it was a joy playing those clubs.

Many thanks to Javier, Steffi and the whole team for the great fitting and assistance.`
Michael Friedel-Mildner
´I do recommend all ambitious golfers to schedule a fitting with B.i.G.! You will love the carry length of all B.i.G. clubs. Quality, handling and exclusiveness are great - playing B.i.G. clubs is simply a great pleasure!´
Dr. Christoph Steiger
`I will never return to `Non-B.i.G. golf clubs - the difference is just too big. I did not only reach my goal of a single handicap, but I am also enjoying every single shot with my B.i.G. golf clubs.`
Markus Jobst
`I already had a good feeling with the B.i.G. golf clubs while the fitting was ongoing. I gained about 20 metres with every single iron.`
Michael Fixemer
`The B.i.G. golf clubs improved my feeling and consistency, which increases the joy of playing golf.`
Franz-Josef Schneckenaichner
`I am deeply impressed of the fitting! I was able to hit all clubs a lot longer. I am already looking forward to the fairway!`
Johannes Ott
`I am excited about the Indoor golf arena and the practice facility.`
Armin Scholz
`Last weekend I had the pleasure to try out my new B.i.G. golf clubs and it has been fantastic.`
Helga Osanna
´I would like to say thank you to the whole B.i.G. team for this awesome fitting. There are several golf club factories, but you guys totally convinced me with your material and your technical innovations. With individualized B.i.G. golf clubs, I can be sure to have the right equipment.`
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