Fitting is nothing special, but standard for B.i.G.!

Fitting is an important element of our concept, because we can show you the effectiveness of our B.i.G. system.

The combination of our material and our know how will change your game permanently.


Our experts guide you through our fitting.

The combination of our know how and of the latest technologies will lead to an optimal and realistic fitting!

How does the B.i.G. fitting work?

Analysis of your clubs
Analysis of your clubs
B.i.G. Performance Fitting
B.i.G. Performance Fitting

Analysis of your clubs


Every single club of your set is measured, the spine is marked and the swingweight is identified. With the help of your club data, we are able to calculate the deviation of your clubs from the optimum.


We take all these data to choose the right and best material for you.

B.i.G. Performance Fitting


We are working with a radar, which documents your shot lengths and your shot variances precisely. First of all you shoot your iron 6 and we save the analyzed data. After that we build an iron 6 with regards to your swing analysis and you shoot the B.i.G. iron again. After that we have a comparison between the data of your iron 6 and the data of the B.i.G. iron 6. You can easily see how you improved your game with the B.i.G. iron 6!

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